Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farewell, Winter!

From Julie H., historical interpreter:

As winter fades away, and the snow steadily melts, we leave behind our winter hours and trudge forward into the costumed season tomorrow (March 11th). We've been quite busy this past winter on many projects. We got a lot of woodworking done, we re-built some old fences, made sausage from our pigs for the upcoming season, and did a ton of sewing.

Kathleen, an intern, helps mix sausage:
Here's just a small portion of the brand new shirts and shifts we cranked out:
And of course, we already posted on the baby animals born in this time, and our new horses that have just arrived. So I'll leave you with some winter pictures of the past few months, in case you couldn't get here to see the beautiful scenery yourself.

So we are now BACK IN COSTUME! Come by and see us!


  1. great pictures. and an awful lot of sewing! wow!

  2. Beautiful photographs of the farm; so serene.

  3. Neat pics:) I visited this museum several years ago and really liked it:)

  4. Thanks all! Mark, we've changed a lot in the past several years, so we hope you can make it back and see all of our new exhibits sometime!