Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colors of Autumn

From Julie H., historical interpreter:

We are in the midst of fall here in the Shenandoah Valley! This is a great time for a drive or hike through the mountains, and see the changing colors of the leaves over the valley. We haven't peaked yet, like the northern part of the valley, but we are starting to see fierce reds, oranges, and yellows highlighting our forests down here too.

The Frontier Culture Museum is a great stop if you're hiking through the Appalachian Trail, Skyline Drive, or the Blue Ridge Parkway. The pictures from around here simply don't do the colors justice. Come visit the museum, and see for yourself!
Amazing colors! Let's take a walk around the museum, and see the some more. Here is one of the many beautiful trees to greet you as you enter the Old World loop:
The loveliness continues in jolly ole' England:
Between England and Ireland is a pretty little duck pond, and at the bank of one part of the pond sits a massive looming tree. I wish I had a better quality camera on my phone, because the contrast is breath-taking in person:
The Germans have a lovely little apple tree, producing some nice colors:
The Old World loop ends with a deep maroon:
There are some great colors in the New World too. This tree welcomes you in to the new American Indian site:

Settlement remains fairly green. It is surrounded by a lot of pine trees, and the others are just starting to give a slight yellow tint to the leaves, almost reminiscent of early spring! So we continue to the final farms, for some lovely scenes:

Finally, as you make your way back to the visitor center, this fantastic little tree sports some of the mightiest colors of autumn we have to offer here. This is why we all love this season. Here is the full tree from the top of this post, with the brilliant orange leaves.

Oh. And for our West African fans out there... guess who doesn't love autumn??
Poor banana trees. They are trying so hard to hold on as temperatures plummet at night to freezing.

Check out our flickr albums for more photos of fall at the Frontier Culture Museum!

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