Sunday, September 23, 2012


From Julie H., historical interpreter:

This weekend, we are the venue for the very exciting Augusta County Chamber of Commerce festival! In addition to our regular museum farm chores, there are crafstpeople, local ethnic and American food vendors, beer, vineyards, local musicians, and all sorts of neat things set up about the site. We had well over a thousand visitors come out yesterday, and are expecting about as many today.

If you haven't come yet, let me give you another reason to stop by today:


There are two of them, down in our 1850s barn. These little guys are a whopping six days old. One is a full blooded Jersey cow, the other is mostly Jersey. They will eventually be moved across the street to our 1820s farm. So come see the little wobbly fellows, because they don't come much cuter.

 In all my years of old timey adventures, I've never had a calf try to nurse off my apron. The other butted in shortly after this photo was taken, also ate my apron, and then tried to lick my camera a couple times too.

Come and see us soon!! They grow up so fast!


  1. Hi there! I was glad when I loaded this page of your domain. What was the biggest aim the moment when you to create your first blog?

  2. Hello! We created this whole blog so we can share some of the things we do here. Some posts are intended to share a history lesson with people, others are to inform past and future visitors of exciting current happenings (like the baby cows you see on this post!), and some posts are to share with people some of the things their ancestors did on a daily basis. So, overall, our biggest aim is to SHARE our museum with the public!
    Thanks for checking out our blog, sorry for the slow response, and I hope you'll come by and visit us in person!