Thursday, August 9, 2012

John Lewis Society Feast!

From Julie H., Historical Interpreter:

What an afternoon! Every year, our John Lewis Society (JLS) members get together to cook a massive historical supper on all the farms. Such a feast!

What is the John Lewis Society? It is an apprenticeship offered to young teenagers, ages 12-16, who are assigned to one of the farms as a mini-interpreter, costume and all. They learn to work with our animals, do household chores, participate in typical daily activities, and interpret the house to visitors. And, they get to cook. A lot!

So what's on the menu for tonight's supper feast? Let's hop around the farm and take a look at the preparation. Keep in mind that all the foods are from historical receipts (recipes), and are appropriate for each country and time period.

First stop, 1630s England! Menu: Roast lamb, mushy peas, rolls, almond tart, currant cake
 Notice the bake oven roaring away in the background above.
Try not to drool on your keyboard for this next one:
Group shot:

Next up, 1730s Ireland. Menu: Oat cakes, pottage (with oats, parsnips, turnips, carrots, and onions)
With only one JLS apprentice today, they kept the menu small, but mighty! Here is our Irish apprentice, rolling out the oat cake dough.

Onwards to 1720s-40s Germany. Menu: Sauerkraut, bratwurst, spelt noodles with bacon and sundry garden foods.
 The German JLS kids went for a fun group shot.

 Heading out to 1820s America next. Menu: Bacon & Eggs pie, blueberry pie.
 Building up the pile of hot coals before placing down the spider skillet. This is for the bacon.
 Blueberry Pie, fresh out of the dutch oven:

Last stop, 1850s America: Mashed potatoes, mashed squash, garden vegetable salad.

They harvested their own potatoes from the farm to get started, and washed them up.
Here is the squash they used, from the 1820s garden, called "Turk's Turban."
 Group shot!

Now, I know what you're all thinking. "Poor interpreters! They must've had to clean up after all those children!" I assure you, readers, that these wonderful apprentices even did the dishes!
If you're not drooling yet, here's some final photos of the feast before everyone dug in:

 Until next year!

(If you have a son or daughter between the ages of 12-16, and are interested in joining the John Lewis Society next year, please contact the FCM for details.)

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